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MCPT LLC Telehealth Terms of Service (TOS)


When signing in for telehealth services you are acknowledging review of MCPT LLC Privacy Practices as either previously read and signed during an in-office visit or as available on our website.  For your review, our Patient’s Bill of Rights is also available on our website.

While the telehealth format we are using,, is fully HIPPA compliant, we are not responsible for any unlawful breech of privacy during telehealth sessions.  We are not responsible for any technical problems that may interrupt the session but will make every effort to complete or follow up with phone or email contact to assure any needs left unmet are addressed.  At this time, no storage or recording of patient information is being conducted through  We are using the most basic format which allows live video communication only. A record of the start and stop times of your visit is all that will be saved.

With the massive influx of users to the internet to conduct their business, the possibility exists that another service such as Zoom, Skype, etc. may be the only platform available to conduct your visit.  If a switch from is required, we will notify you and seek your permission first before moving to another format.

What is Telehealth?


Telehealth is an interactive form of treatment that may take place at the location of your choice while your therapist is in another setting. Through the use of a live streaming format on your computer or mobile devices, you will be able to interact with your therapist to experience treatment sessions similar to those you have experienced in our office.

For patients who are new to the practice, you will appreciate our focus on patient education, which will allow you to make significant progress even without the option of a hands-on approach by your therapists.

Telehealth provides an opportunity to help our patients progress or best manage their conditions when it has been deemed treatment in our practice is not in the best interest of containing the spread of COVID-19.

Need for follow up visits will be determined based on your status and pending any guidelines we may be mandated to follow regarding frequency of visits.


What to Expect During a Telehealth Visit?


For your appointment find a spot in your home where you feel you will have enough space to carry out your exercises. Make sure that you have all of your PT supplies together as well. You will need access to a computer or mobile device with a webcam.  Practice setting it up so that your therapist will have a full view of your body in order to observe you performing exercises or to assess movements.  We are using as our communication medium. It is fully HIPAA compliant. During the day of your appointment you will receive an email with a link to click where you will “check in” to your appointment. Your check in will include access to an online agreement of the same privacy and patient rights notices we offer when you come to the practice. See the first paragraph above for the Terms of Service Agreement (TOS). Once you have signed in, we will see that you are in the “Virtual Waiting Room”. When we click on your name each of our cameras will be activated and the session will begin!



We are committed to advancing your care and optimizing your health!


The Entire Staff of Maribeth Crupi Physical Therapy LLC