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Maribeth was an executive board member with the Wilmington Youth Lacrosse Association during its founding years and understands the demands of this sport as well as many others. In particular the practice offers care to a growing number of gymnasts, figure skaters, and running athletes. Robin Taylor, DPT is a multi-sport athlete and coach.

Maribeth also spent many years working at the other end of the spectrum with more "seasoned" patients. She and her staff are highly skilled in working with post-operative joint replacement, orthopedic trauma, and neurological patients. The practice is often sought out to treat the more challenging patients who are in need of additional expertise to optimize their post-surgical outcomes.

Maribeth’s prior extensive inpatient experience has provided her with a solid medical base from which she is able to consider a possible non-musculoskeletal root to a patient's problem and understand in depth the impact other medical conditions play on the musculoskeletal system.

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